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Captain Isaac Rhodes

Name Isaac Rhodes

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Biographcial Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birth Date 04 June 2244
Birth Location

Physical Appearance

Height 185 cm (6'1")
Weight 74 kg (163 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description

Family Data

  • Nicholas Rhodes (d. 2257)
  • Katharine Rhodes (d. 2257)
  • Siblings
  • Abigail Phillips
  • Kendal Rhodes
  • Marital Status Single
    Other Family
  • Elizabeth Rhodes (aunt)
  • Tabitha Rhodes (cousin)

  • Personality Profile

    General Overview
    Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
  • Hard working, determined; willing to put in the effort to do things well, goes the "extra" mile to ensure success
  • Principled, honorable; continually guided by strong sense of duty, justice, and ethical conduct toward others
  • Persistent, tenacious; does not give up easily, but pushes forward in spite of any opposition or discouragement
  • Forgiving, merciful; accepting of the shortcomings of others and willing to give them a chance, not vengeful

    Growing Edges
  • a curious, optimistic child, the reality of being orphaned as a child significantly dampened his spirit; even after years of therapy, counseling, and mentorship by others, he still occasionally struggles with perceived pressure to choose between hope and pragmatism
  • in times of stress, he has a tendency to overcompensate by leaning heavily into his work, and he has pushed himself hard academically, professionally, and personally on more than one occasion, to the point of displaying somewhat perfectionist tendencies
  • as a result of losing his parents and being forced to grow up faster than expected, he is less inclined to form or maintain strong ties with others (including family) out of fear that he will lose them (and will be hurt, again)
  • Ambitions & Goals Core Values
  • Achievement (sense of accomplishment by means of skills, practice, perseverance, or exertion)
  • Help others (be involved in helping people in a direct way)
  • Inner harmony (being at peace with oneself)
  • Integrity (sincerity and honesty)
  • Responsibility (being accountable for results)

  • To reclaim the spirit of curiosity, wonder, and hope for the future that was "taken" from him by the experiences of his past.
  • To be someone that others can trust an rely on, especially when times are tough, and who won't shirk on his responsibility.
  • To use his position and authority to help those in need, and to prevent others from having to go through what he went through.

  • To be a mentor to an up-and-coming officer, just as others have mentored him along the way.
  • To make a close friend with whom he can be truly open and vulnerable, without being afraid of losing them.
  • To command an actual explorer and prove (to himself and others) that he has regained his sense of wonder.
  • Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests
  • reading (e.g. history, various historic literature)
  • outdoor activities (e.g. camping, stargazing, horseback riding)
  • martial arts (for his fitness and focus, mental-emotional balance)
  • cooking (for himself or friends, not for strangers or large groups)
  • mentoring (guiding, training others as he has been)
  • Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Vulcan

    Personal Relationships

    Family Relationships
    Romantic Relationships
    Relationships with Friends

    Personal History

    Personal History

    Career History

    Pre-Starfleet Career
    Starfleet Training
    Career History


    Service Record CDT | Astrophysics & Starship Navigation | Starfleet Academy, Earth (2262-2266)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | {{Location TBD}} (2263)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | USS Shinano (Nimitz-class) (2264-2265)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | USS Michoacán (Cardenas-class) (2264-2265)

    ENS | Helmsman | USS Kerala (Shepard-class) (2266-2268)
    LTJG | Helmsman | USS Kerala (Shepard-class) (2268-2269)
    LTJG | Helmsman | USS Tereshkova (Sombra-class) (2269-2270)
    LT | Navigator | USS Tereshkova (Sombra-class) (2270-2272)
    LT | Navigator | USS Assawari (Miranda-class) (2272-2274)
    LT | Second Officer & Navigator | USS Forrestal (Constitution-class) (2274-2275)
    LCDR | Second Officer & Navigator | USS Forrestal (Constitution-class) (2275-2279)
    LCDR | Executive Officer | USS al-Amiri (Oberth-class) (2279-2281)
    CMDR | Executive Officer | USS Piorun (Miranda-class) (2281-2284)
    CMDR | Executive Officer | USS Saratoga (Miranda-class) (2284-2287)
    CAPT | Commanding Officer | USS Mendoza (Miranda-class) (2287-2292)
    CAPT | Commanding Officer | USS Thejal (Constellation-class) (2292-Present)