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Lieutenant L'Mess

Name L'Mess

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographcial Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Birth Date 2369
Birth Location Cait/Ferasa

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 3” (190cm)
Weight 147lbs (67kg)
Hair Color Chestbut Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description A lithe form, for the surprising height, L’Mess allows the longer, thicker fur on her head to grow out to about 10 inches, or so. She keeps it tied back, in the style of a pony tail. This segment of fur is a much darker brown than the rest of her. Her body is well toned, and she takes pride in her physical fitness. The mound of fur on the end of her tail matches the darker shade of her “hair”.

Family Data

Parent(s) K'Lol (father) ; T'Mara (mother)
Siblings Brother:-
- K'Melle

- S'Marr
- M'Tree
- T'Moaw
Marital Status Single
Partner(s) None known
Children None
Other Family Too many to fully list

Personality Profile

General Overview L’Mess is a happy-go-lucky individual most of the time, She reserves the serious demeanour for her work, and anyone who endangers her friends and colleagues.
Strengths & Weaknesses Accomplished marksman, keen tactician, and proven fighter. L'Mess’s talents on the battlefield cannot be questioned. She excels at what she was trained to do: protect her fellow crewmembers, and her ship.

Science, and Engineering beyond the basics are as illusive to L'Mess as anything can be. A rudimentary understanding of ship systems was a requirement, but beyond that, and it might as well be magic.

Diplomacy is, by and large, not Stacey’s strength. The continuing fracture between the Caitians and the Ferasans has led to a sore spot for L'Mess, and she will quickly lose her temper when the subject is brought up.
Ambitions & Goals As she is among the first Caitians in Starfleet, L’Mess wants to prove her worth, that of her people, and if she can pull off a happy life in the process, so much the better.
Hobbies & Interests Music, art, literature. L’Mess enjoys spending her free time being creative. She enjoys sports such as Raquetball, and Parrises Squares.
Languages Federation Standard ; Caitian ; Ferasan

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