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Lieutenant Cleo "CJ" Hanks

Name Cleo "CJ" Janice Hanks

Position Chief Navigation Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographcial Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Birth Date 2257
Birth Location Maine, USA, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description CJ carries herself with good posture. Her freckles cover almost her entire face with a solemn look that only disappears when she smiles. Her hair is almost always in a single French braid that goes just past her shoulders. Her figure is proportional, with no real definition but in shape.

Family Data

Parent(s) Butch and Evelyn Hanks
Siblings John Hanks
Marital Status Single
Other Family

Personality Profile

General Overview Quiet and introspective, “CJ” always find the realist but positive tone in every situation. She prefers not to speak more than she has to, sometimes giving her an air of indifference or arrogance, which is unintentional. She works hard at the things she finds important, and ignores what she doesn’t think is worth her time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Is incredibly hard on herself due to a slight lack in confidence.
Has a strong sense of her inner eye, which makes her occasionally tunnel vision.
Ambitions & Goals To faithfully fulfill her duties as a Crew Member until she finds her proper home.

To Live by William Arthur Ward:
"The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails."
Hobbies & Interests Sailing, Archery, Meditation
Languages English

Personal Relationships

Family Relationships
Romantic Relationships
Relationships with Friends

Personal History

Personal History Born to a lawyer and an architect, CJ was destined for the private sector if her parents had any control over it. Only one year behind her brother, the siblings were close their entire childhood. John quickly fell into joy of architecture, which led CJ’s father to hope she would follow him into law. It wouldn’t be long into her teen years that her parents realized law wouldn’t work for her, as her grades were dropping quickly.

Butch wouldn't push CJ into law though, and accepted her indifference to his craft in the hopes she would eventually find her own calling. Due to her dropping grades, she developed anxiety, with anxiety attacks sometimes becoming crippling. The one time she was anxious was out sailing with her father, something she found to be both a bonding experience and a stress relief. She found peace in the disconnection from the "real" world and the joy of the ocean and the night sky.

With her parents eventual agreement, she dropped from high school before her senior year to pursue Earth Atmosphere Merchant Marine. She quickly earned her AB credential, and found steady work for several years. Onboard her last vessel, her Captain pushed her hard to go to Starfleet, as he thought she was wasting her time and energy Earthbound.

After graduating boot camp and earning her basic qualification in Science, she went space bound. She didn't last long in Science, finding the work boring, and not receiving high marks. Her officer transferred her to Engineering, in the hopes she would find her calling there, having been quite good at the hands on work. Engineering found a similar fate, and she was becoming at risk for remedial schooling and possible transfer back to Earth.

On a lark, Lt. Gempler took her under his wing at Helm. Her performance reviews and energy changed as she quickly picked up on the work and enjoyed it. Gone were the days of showing up to her shift late. She quickly made up for lost time in rank advancement and qualifications. He pushed her harder though, getting her to finish her schooling and take remote learning courses. He got her transferred with him when he moved ships at the end of his tour.

With his help, she able to recieve the proper recommendations, and with degree in hand, CJ went through OCS school for Navigation. Though not graduating at the top of her class, her recommendations and gumption was more than enough for her satisfaction, and she continued with that drive as an Officer.
Education Dropped out of Secondary School

Career History

Pre-Starfleet Career 2275 - 2277 = Earth Atmosphere Merchant Marine, Able Seamen, Multiple Vessels
Starfleet Training -Starfleet Boot Camp
-Basic Enlisted Qualification Engineering
-Basic Enlisted Qualification Science
-Basic and Advanced Qualifications Enlisted Helm, Ship and Shuttle

-Starfleet Academy 4 Year Remote Degree in Astrophysics
-Starfleet OCS
Career History


Service Record 2278 = Starfleet Boot Camp
2279 = USS Orion, Science Specialist, Crewman
2280 = USS Orion, Engineering Specialist, Crewman
2281 - 2283 = USS Endeavour, Helmsman, Petty Officer 2nd Class
2284 - 2285 = USS Lexington, Helmsman, Chief Petty Officer
2286 = Starfleet Academy, Officer Candidate School
2287 - 2288 = USS Sagittarius, Navigation Officer, Ensign
2289 - 2290 = USS Nebula, Navigation Officer, Lieutenant. JG
2291 = USS Nebula, Chief Navigation Officer, Lieutenant
2292 - Present = USS Thejal, Chief Navigation Officer, Lieutenant