Episode 0.00: "These Are Our Voyages"

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Posts in this category are not tied to any one mission. Rather, they are a chance for the crew of the Thejal to interact and develop outside the specific plots of the current episode.

(Note: Solo posts are allowed, but joint posts are encouraged. Please be sure to indicate in the appropriate place when a post falls in relation to an episode. The setting cannot be further forward in time than the current episode, and any posts during should be cleared by the CO or XO prior to posting here.)

Start Date Wed Aug 31st, 2022 @ 10:03pm

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Title Timeline Location
Sickbay Scrabble
by Lieutenant Commander Axod Qo & Lieutenant Arlen Caldor
Sickbay, USS Thejal
by Lieutenant Commander Axod Qo
September 12, 2293 Shuttle Vega
Welcome Home Ax
by Lieutenant Commander Axod Qo
April 22, 2292 USS Thejal

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