Welcome Home Ax

Posted on Wed Aug 17th, 2022 @ 8:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Axod Qo

Mission: Episode 0.00: "These Are Our Voyages"
Location: USS Thejal
Timeline: April 22, 2292

Axis was pleased when he heard about his posting to the Thejal. It wasn’t as though he expected much difference from his past experiences, but he was quite happy to be back aboard a ship. Stepping out into the Shuttlebay he felt a weight lift off him. “Top of the morning Chief.” He said to the duty Ops officer who was greeting new arrivals. “Can you find out where my cabin is? Lieutenant Qo.” He smiled widely.

“Deck Four.” Said the spritely woman, handing him a PADD with specifics. “Would you like someone to escort you?”

“No that will be fine.” Ax said, slinging his ruck over his shoulder. “But if you could see that the storage bins on the shuttle make their way up, I’d be forever in your debt.”

The Chief nodded and watched the Doosodarian exit the shuttlebay.

Axod wasn’t a natural born navigator, but he could find his way around a ship. Usually. Making his way to Deck Four was the easy part, finding the proper cabin was another story. He went round and round the deck searching for his assigned cabin, before finally discovering it, directly adjacent to the lift he had used to come up.

To say the cabin was lacking in personality would be an understatement, they were positively spartan. A workspace, a bed, and a small private head. There was a computer access unit as well. Axod dropped his bag and began exploring the small space.

As he looked around, feeling dissatisfied with his personal space, the chime sounded. He opened his door and was pleased to find the storage containers being unloaded at his doorstep. "Thank you!" Ax called to the gruff looking Tellarite as he stacked the last container in the corridor outside of his new quarters.

"You have a lot of stuff." The Tellarite said with a snort. He turned to walk away, mumbling something under his breath as his hooves clicked on the deck plates.

Without paying much mind to the man's words, Axod began opening his containers. He hoped that the addition of his personal belongings would make the space feel more like him.

After a short period of time, Axod had emptied the contents of his containers onto the floor of his cabin and began to sort through things before stowing them away properly. Naturally, his clothes had specific places in drawers or hung in the small closet his space was afforded. He was very gentle with his clothes. Each garment held specific memories for him. Some reminded him of his homeworld, Doosodaria. Others were memories from his time on earth and on his previous vessels. He held up a grey sweatshirt with the capitalized letters TOR emblazoned across the chest in black. A memento from his very first ship the USS Toronto. It fit him a little loosely now, since he lost the weight he'd gained at the Academy, but he still treasured it for its comfort. Hanging the sweatshirt, he began looking forward to adding a Thejal shirt to his collection.

Looking around he found his books. Real, honest to goodness, books. He didn't have a large collection, not by any stretch. Just 12 books of various sizes and colours from a few cultures he'd encountered in his time. His newest addition was a Cardassian repetitive epic called 'The Neverending Sacrifice' authored by Ulan Corac. It had been translated into Federation Standard, butt he had been assured that it lost no meaning in translation. It was first on his list and so he set it next to his bed while he lined up the rest of the books on a shelf.

After a while, the space was starting to come together and feel more like home. Axod looked around the room, clearly pleased with his efforts. He tossed a handmade blanket on the bed to replace the Starfleet issue linens that he found itchy and then lit a Doosodarian prosperity candle, in the hopes it could make the space smell more homey as well. He took a deep breath and then sat on his new bed, taking another look around the room. 'Welcome home Ax.' He thought to himself with a smile 'Welcome home.'